Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Shocked, thats about all i started with. Being banned from writing after such a long time, it comes at no better time of this writing that this happen.

Are we going to  (AGAIN) sit back, laugh, joke, post our comments and likes from the safety of our keyboard? Are we just gonna be the dumb "rakyat" and NOT do anything?

My first effort is writing in this non favorite blog of mine, No one reads it but hey it is a start.

How does this improve or make us proud of Malaysia? Our PM is embroiled in such an attack on his PERSONAL capability, of millions and billions missing and mis management, therefore what happens? A commiitee is formed PAC to investigate the 1MDB account. After the expose by WSJ and Sarawak Report, pressure mounts up to the PM. After many came and spoke to PM, still he did not budged, and so Tun M stepped in. The cold war started, i for one was surprised by this, within UMNO there has never such a fight at this magnitude with such big stakes as well.

No one can discount the 1MDB fiasco, event he cab drivers, pressure and hounding by the media and online newspapers kept pushing and digging up more and more truth of the matter. It seems Malaysia is on the eyes of the world but for all the wrong reasons, this was not about losing airplanes (which until now goes unexplained and the family of those in that flight is forced to just move on as Malaysia goverment has decided to sweep it under the carpet, "Heck, too bad to them" is the message that they are sending, they should look at what Airasia did. LEARN!! anway..

Months into the investigation, more and more are uncovered by international journalist (heck this Malaysia after all, you say too much you go to jail) and harder and harder PM spin doctors work to save PM.

If this was any other country, PM would have stepped down, That is the most honorable thing to do.

Now This-

  • Sacking of TYMY and those that pushed PM for an answer
  • Promotion of almost half the PAC commitee to deputy minister
  • Sacking the AG for "Health Reasons"
Lets see that again,

  • Sacking of TYMY and those that pushed PM for an answer
  • If this is not a cover that what is it? Your deputy is merely questioning you and you SACK him? what does that show? How will Malaysia grow if the PM and DPM cannot work together? The attack on 1MDB is not only damaging to Malaysia but also as the rakyat, this is our PM. Are we gonna be dupes or laughed at for having a PM that cannot answer the 1MDB and merely sacks using the powers of PM? Ask Japanese, Filipinos, Thais what happened when it was found out that their leader was corrupted or suspected of corruption? Tak Sin, Marcos does this names ring a bell? All i am saying is think, for all the years we were in school, of all the things we have learned in life, Cant we think? its not about the missing money, that wont come to your or mine bank account BUT the act of it, It is STEALING. The statement of "I didnt not use any of 1MDB money for personal use" does not make it right. So if someone steals but dont use the money but gave it to charity,, he is not guilty? The question that everyone wants to know is "Did the money go into your account as said by WSJ" thats it. 
  • Promotion of almost half the PAC commitee to deputy minister
  • These were the people entrusted by the public to investigate the matter and you promote them which now makes the PAC dead and useless. Is this not some sort of bribe? Cant we see it? how are we suppose to understand this reason? Out of all the people that needed and deserved a promotion, you choose the people on the PAC? I for one, if i was one of these people, i would NOT accept the post, seeing that they do accept it, just shows that they were not the right people to be in PAC afterall. 
  • Sacking the AG for "Health Reasons"
  • This is a no brainer, He was fit to head PAC and buff off all the attacks and even put DSAI in jail but now he is to ill to finish the PAC? 

All said and done, it is done. We do not have a champion, we wait for Tun M now to do something, NOT because of any other gain but merely because IT ISTHE RIGHT THING to do. But as we wait and wait and wait, my question is What are WE DOING? we pay tax we pay GST and we are Malaysian's this is our home our land and our grounds, should we not defend it? Don't we deserve some justice? Malaysia, wake up and smell the coffee please. 

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