Monday, July 27, 2015

Back to the keyboard

Ahhhh it has been such a long while since i wrote.. but life happen and after my contract ran out and now i can blog again... (you never know this really)

Malaysia oh Malaysia, The country that i was born in and although i travel there frequently, it is sad what is going on there. The last month has been such a drama, 1MDB and PM Najib, jezz by now you should know that as long as DrM is around no one mess about but with GST and the current country is such turmoil what this people fail to see is the state of the people.

The rich and connected are so busy in getting their pockets fatter that they fail to see the effect and impact of the country.

Malaysia is quite unique is because we have the royalty to safe guard the nation, hence 1 king and 13 rulers but sadly, humans being human, greed has set in and they too are busy chasing pots of gold at the expense of the rakyat. Didnt they see the youtube video of the lawyer or care at all? As we respect our royalty but i cannot fanthom the fact that they are silent about this and act as if nothing is amiss.

BN is fighting tooth and nail for its survial , be it UMNO or MIC although the storm has rather passed in MCA. Makes you wonder what MCA is up to no?

I am impressed during the last ramadan, tons of whatsapp and emails, wanted to write but due to my "restricted contract" i could not until now. But all this hyporicts and thier preaching really makes me sick to a stage of vomit. All the "good advise" the quoatation of "Surah" and "Charity" to those in need BUT in fact

They are the source of the problems, cheating people money and conning the goverment by doing things that dont even exist. Yet, no one says anything and on and on they go, look into the mirror man, giving an orhan RM10 duit raya DOES NOT ERASE the hundreds of thousands that you STOLE so through private trust funds given by clients and others by claiming something that they never did, the world is surely coming to an end, With ISIS now and the hit list and USA is gonna bring a 3rd bush while Malaysia lost 3 airplanes in 2014, the goverment with its GST and hike in price and of course the 1MDB fiasco which has cought PM  with his pants down.

On the social scene, things are worse than ever, Uni students offering sex for money, girl bars popping out every where and yet we close our eyes BUT if ur a muslim and u wish someone "Merry Xmas" you gonna get whacked and worse yet may be brought in for a "re programming" session.

I have just started back again... more will come ... unless they ban me yet again..

Till then peace out folks..

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