Thursday, November 6, 2008

When $hits the fan...

One of the few people that I impressed me from our mainstream media was the couple: Norman Hakim & Abby.

This couple has braved to many hardships to keep their marriage intact. In fact one of the more stories that impress me was how they delivered their child in a CAR!!! Aye in a car because the jam was so bad (naught naughty DBKL) that Norman had to deliver the baby in the car….

But now it seem the castle of this marriage is slowly crumbling…all because of the temptation or seduction of a 3rd person.

This memey girl who has caught the attention of Norman and recently caught with him at the office… at 3am in the morning….(surely not a post-production meeting) Abby crushed has filed for divorced but the sad thing or stupid thing is Norman when asked by the media..still backs and defend Memey on the matter, saying she has to be proctected as she is still young and with parents. ALO BRADER!! Did you think about this when you were enjoying her company at 3AM in the morning? And now in front of your wife, you still defend this person? Your wife who has given you 3 miracles …. Come on la Norman..wake up and smell the coffee..


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