Sunday, March 17, 2013

A state of Trance

"Perhaps a very controversial piece as its been brewing in my head for some time now."

Mamat's Best work so far
                 Music, notes and rhythm that has the power to entrance the listener and times make them forget and makes them as if lulled by it. For since the dawn of time, music has been the art form to kindle the soul of the humans, over time it evolved into somewhat of a force or a weapon of persuasion. In earlier times, Elvis and Beatles was considered "devil music" by the older aged while cherished and idolize by the younger ones, even in Malaysia, the age of "Rock Kapak" saw a massive crackdown and headaches for the older people when their kids were in the state of rock.

                 Watching "rock oo" recently, reminded me of the age that has gone by, as one of those that had tight jeans, sang in bands at jamming studios, i could certainly relate to the movie. I daresay that it is the best movie as yet by the director, the uninhabited script and the superb acting by the cast, its no wonder that this movie gathered such a huge boxoffice collection. With its somewhat cliche ending, its a true delight to watch our malaysian director coming into and actually focusing on issues that are usually swept under the carpet.
Another movie to watch is "Juvana" Although many critics came hard at the picture but i say that it is a really good piece and the best actor should go to villan "Lan Todak" in the movie as he really made the character shine. We have never thought of the kids in juvenile as it is un comfortable therefore we simply refuse to think about it, the movie handles and pumps this right into our face and we such take heed and address the issues, unless we want more thrown babies, more rempits and more punks.

15000 people..truly a sight to see
                 The recent ASOT and FHFA was just conclude in sepang "hence the title of this piece", being there with over 15,000 people, made me impress of the progression that we have made as malaysians, this would have never happen with an UMNO minister but wuth an MCA minister, you can see that she takes a direct approach and is in touch with a new direction for bringing in new toursit segments to Malaysia. With her own team and bureau, MYCEB, Ng Yen Yen breaks the norm and pushes tourism to a new direction. Without the normal government chains in Toursim Ministry or TDC  that binds them, MYCBE has brought rave dance parties in the last two years and a number of events that would usually not seen the light of day in Malaysia. Not limited to dance, they brought in J LO and other concerts and also sporting events that all caters to a diffrent crowd segment. The question is that the organizer is the same people and the sound providers are also of the same company, "Crony" perhaps? but sponsoring millions of tax payers money, i wonder what is the true line or target that they are looking at. Having the event in Sepang KL, of course drives the crowd there but isnt KL already packed as it is? and are really ready to be like tomorrow land? our drive to bring this dance act, is it at the cost of our youth? remember that Japan ahad a similar problem when they moved to fast and their youth lost all sense of values. As i was in the crowd that night, 3 out of every crowd of 6 was Malay, 3 chinese and 3 indians with 1 Mat saleh, looking at our local malaysian's dressing to all most nothing, making out in public, drinking and smoking weed while some where under ectasy is really distrubing, the ambulance was running almost every minute, if i didnt know better, with the sirens blaring every 10 minutes or so, i would say i was in lahad datu. All in all, it was a good event but the organizers are already slacking, the registration was bad, the parking was mis managed and the logistics of it all TERRIBLE. it was far better during "Thirst" but what can you expect from a malay organizer, son of a millionaire, as usual first time good and soon after they slack.

They should have brought this guy in sooner
            The biggest news of the year surely has to be the lahad datu issue. I mean with Najib being on such hot sup, how could they bungle the issue? If it was USA, it could have been spined at Najib and his boys would have looked as heroes but yet they simply look like some deer that caught in the headlights of a incoming truck, "A State of Trace" perhaps? Malaysians are far from stupid, all the issues of corruption by PR that is being used by BN is merely a tip of the iceberg of the scandals that has been done by BN. I asked a good friend of which party will he vote? BN he said and i just asked Why do you vote simply because of a party? Yes BN has done good in the years but lets not forget of the harm and damage they have done as well, why cant we have a choice? if Najib is truly gonna reform than do it right, he dodges issues and simply ignore the fact that his term is over, similar to the coup in perak, they just simply do what they want and yells on "Malay rights" or Protect the Malay. How are they doing that? in between all the shady deals, our people are violated and land are invaded "Lahad Datu", our youth are corrupted- look at the high numbers of unwed mothers and thrown babies, the number drug addicts and crime rate that is soaring. With events such as ASOT where "Malays" are exposed to the western culutre, where is this "Protect the malay" mantra? Where thugs of BN throw bricks, torches oppsistion offices, attack elected representative and all the while our goverment sits there doing NOTHING. how is it that blind BN supportes cannot see? are we to condone this acts of thuggy simply because they are the ruling goverment? send this thugs to sabah, least there is cause for them there. The weird part is that, this thugs carried and wore BN and UMNO logos, and still KJ as youth head, Najib as UMNO head simply make dunno, as if its ok, they are my people. again "A State of Trace" All my talks with BN politicly linked people, seems they are confident of winning the election and as such is already planning who is gonna get what contract, like i said "A STATE OF TRACE" while the grassroots are being lulled by Anwar and his gang, BN is in a world of thier own, a gathering of Kedah boys with Tun M and his son gathered abt 4000 people in Bukit Jalil, and words from Mukhriz camp "Its a success, look at the numbers" perhaps someone should tell the poor joker that Anwar and his gang gathered 10,000 people in a taman surau in a diffrent state merely hours before. Wake up boys, or you will wake up in a nightmare.
Old Ghost coming back
Who is gonna walk and who is gonna run?

        As elections draws near, Najib should look into his bag and find treasures or weapons to counter PR, for in speaking and getting grassroots support, BN has NONE. everyone is on silent mode, they simply vibrate only, while PR unleashes all of their top speakers and hits the ground, campaigning and keeping the Malaysian public- IN A STATE OF TRACE.

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